The dragonfly has an intrinsic peculiarities of his nature which is to spend his life as a young man at the bottom of the ponds as larvae and then almost magically to transform itself, once an adult, elegantly that bug that we all know; thanks to this transformation the deeper meaning that you can associate with the dragonfly is the “transformation”, the transition from carefree teenage life to adult life, encouraging you to go beyond appearances and seek their own identity and personality. So it is related to life changes and introspection of themselves and of their own consciences; its 360 ° view can symbolize the search for truth and overcoming the illusions and to a journey inside themselves, often through perceptions and dreams. A legend “LEGGENDA” says that the dragonfly was once a very wise dragon, that carried flying at night light with its fiery breath. His magic breath created the art of magic and illusion of changing form. Then the dragon ended up a prisoner of his illusory form to fool the coyote, remaining prisoner in the dragonfly body. 

David Carson

Leggenda Moscato D' Asti DOCG 75cl

White, sweet, semi sparkling wine (Frizzante) with low alcohol content.

Brilliant pale lemon color with small fine persisting bubbles. High floral aromatic intensity with honeysuckle and roses on the nose. Intense fruitiness (bergamot, pear, apricot, peach and mango) and hints of brioche and lemon cream. On the palate it is sweet and light with refreshing acidity. High intensity of floral notes (honeysuckle and rose) and fruity aromas (bergamot, pear, apricot, peach and mango) with a long aftertaste. A Moscato d’ Asti with silky texture. Excellent aperitif but also matches perfectly with desserts and fruits.

“Region of production: Asti in Piedmont. North West Italy.”

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